Art is life

Art is beauty. Many people think art is just a piece of canvas, plywood or scratch of paint on media. However, it is more than just it is. Some grand masterpieces where implied meanings and secret that would never ever revealed. For instance, Monalisa painting that painted by an Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci.

Art is such a universal language that could be understood everywhere in the world. It could be admired by millions of people from different races, ethnicity, various tribes and the most unique thing is could be understood by people from millions of different language speakers.

Doing art painting is a deepest expression from the soul. Most of the master pieces ever created in the human story is the reflection of the feelings of the artist. Artist expressing them selves through art. most of artist believe, art could heal a malady, freeing your mind from depression and fear.

I have been painting since my childhood. I  have spent a lot of my time when I was teenager to paint, drawing, sculpting and more other things. The desire of curiosity to explore the new things in life made me wandering to various places. Trying new things in life, tasting various food, using a lot of painting techniques and many more crazy things in life. For me those are art.

I love art because art is life.

savio's artwork collection

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